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Hi!RNGSilvercraft here,this is my second LD event.This time,I represent you:

Reversed Negativity.

This game feels kinda like a Pac man clone...but I've made changes to make it different from the original. I mean,the main character is an anime girl,and there's EDM musics...

Oh yeah,and the gimmick,of course.

Your goal in this game is to color  the floor as much as you can while dodging your "Negativities"...However,the stage will change its property every few seconds,making the floor you colored harmful to yourself.

It's hard to explain...so go play it !

Hope you guys enjoy this short game!If you find any glitches,plz let me know.

my email:yi88613@gmail.com

The instruction is in the "readme" file.Don't forget to take a look!

=======================used resource========================
Main game:MMF2.5 game engine
Sound effect:sfxr
Music:fl studio
The game is developed by RNGSilvercraft alone.

Install instructions

Unzip it...and have a good time!


Reversed Negativity.zip 2 MB

Development log